Cardiff and South East Wales Junior Lawyers Division

A statement from the recently appointed President of Cardiff & District Law Society, Rachelle Sellek, on plans with the JLD and our new Interim Chair, Michael Zajdel

Rachelle Sellek, President of Cardiff and District Law Society

Michael Zajdel, Interim Chair for JLD Cardiff and South East Wales

I am delighted to continue the work that my predecessor as President of Cardiff & District Law Society, Paul Hopkins, began to develop closer ties between the Society and the Junior Lawyers Division for Cardiff and South East Wales. The JLD is an invaluable means for young lawyers to begin to develop their networks amongst not only their peers but with more senior lawyers.  As I get older (but not necessarily any wiser) I am always surprised how the networks you make can yield dividends in years to come.

I am pleased to welcome Michael Zajdel as the new Interim Chair of the JLD and, having attended his first two CDLS Council meetings, he has made a great impression with his energy and enthusiasm.  We will continue to support the resurrection of the District Judge Shadowing Scheme which Paul Hopkins has agreed to take forward, having started the work last year.  We are also going to hold another Admissions Ceremony in November to welcome newly qualified solicitors into the profession.  Recent statistics published by the SRA indicate that there are currently 135-140 training contracts entered into each year in Wales and whilst that is the figure for the whole country, I am sure that a significant proportion of those fall within the Cardiff district.  I therefore hope that we can encourage a good number of those who have recently finished their training contracts to attend our Ceremony and I am very pleased that this event is supported by the JLD who have not only requested that we hold it as an annual event but will help promote it amongst their members.  We will continue to welcome ever closer cooperation between our organisations and JLD members are welcome to attend our events including our Annual Dinner with the award for best LPC student back for the second year.

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