Cardiff and South East Wales Junior Lawyers Division

Michael Zajdel


Michael was elected as Chair of the Committee in late-2017 after joining in 2016 as Events Coordinator and taking over as Interim Chair early-2017. He is a Legal Assistant at Acuity Legal, a final year part-time LPC student at Cardiff University and a junior member of the Cardiff and District Law Society.

His main goals for this year are to:

  • build upon the JLD’s very successful year 2016/2017;
  • introduce a JLD Membership Card with local discounts for junior lawyers and LPC students;
  • create a stronger relationship with Cardiff and District Law Society; and
  • expand JLD’s network with local businesses and law firms.

Apart from the above, he is looking to hold many exciting networking events for junior lawyers and law students in the upcoming year!

Twitter: @michael_zajdel

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